Friday, September 26, 2014

The Rock Song of J. Alfred Pruflove: Unwound

Unwound: The Future of What

Then: There was a time around 2000 of so, when Unwound was on the verge of splitting up, that they were my favorite band. They took Nirvana and Sonic Youth, two of my favorite bands growing up, and made them more noisy, more vicious, and more feedback-laden. Since I didn't know how to properly play guitar, I looked at Justin Trosper's feedback and saw the soul of elegance. It's no surprise that most of my attempts at bands then were Unwound/early Sonic Youth-style washes of sound. I guess that's still kinda what I do, really.

Now:'s true that on relistening to the record, Unwound has struck a pretty great balance between Nirvana's punkiness and Sonic Youth's noise, but...I dunno. All the songs on The Future of What sort of sound the same, to be honest, and while Justin Trosper could conjure up some absolutely wicked noise with his plexiglass guitar, his lyrics are pretty damn embarrassing, juvenile poetry, which is something I'm fearing I'll be saying a lot during this exercise. As-is, The Future of What could be good in very small doses, but even its meager 30-minute running time was too much.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing the Rock Song of J. Alfred Pruflove

Yep, I'm deep in my studies again, so I'm putting the usual halt to More Moore, though if anyone wants to talk Dostoevsky with somebody, I'm their man. So that the blog doesn't get stuck for months without any updates, I've devised something I can do that requires little work: I had a pretty different musical palette in the early 2000s, with a lot of bands that could be referred to these days as, I guess, 'indie'. On the way to school, I figured I'd pop in an album from my late-teenhood and do a little writeup to see how well it holds up now that I'm older and, I hope, wiser. I better be wiser, it's sure costing me a lot of money.

Oh, and I set up a rarely-updated Tumblr as well, if you feel the interest in following it. I'm just putting up paintings of beautiful women with it, at the moment.