Saturday, November 10, 2012

Announcing More Moore: An Alan Moore Retrospective

It has long been the assumption of anyone who has even the passing interest in the comic book form that Alan Moore is the greatest writer to be contained in the medium. I mean hell, I know it, you know it, anybody that knows comics beyond the basic "Batman, Spider-Man, Superman" triumvirate knows it. And yet comic fans are as beaten down as video game fans by proponents of the 'higher arts' who think that the medium is entirely populated by children and mouth-breathers who have nothing worthwhile to give the artistic world as far as rational thought. So, in the interest of this supposed Shakespeare of the sequential art form, I've decided to plow through Mr. Moore's major works, to see if what he has to say is really worthwhile for discussion on a higher level. Read with me, if you will, and let's see what parts of Alan's oeuvre deserve to be discussed in academia...and which, uh...don't.

The works I'll be commenting on are:

Marvelman, Books I-III
V for Vendetta
Captain Britain
Swamp Thing, Books I-VI
D. R. & Quinch
The Ballad of Halo Jones, Books I-III
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
The Killing Joke
DC Short Work Roundup
From Hell
"In Pictopia"
Big Numbers
A Small Killing
Spawn: Blood Feud
Violator vs. Badrock
Alan Moore's WildC.A.T.s
Image Short Work Roundup
Supreme books I-II
Judgement Day
"The Spirit's New Adventures" #1-3
Tom Strong Books I-VI
Tom Strong's Terrific Tales
Promethea Books I-V
Top 10 books I-II
Top 10: Smax
Top 10: The 49ers
Tomorrow Stories, Books I-II
Lost Girls
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Books I-III

As I wrote out this list I realized, with a certain amount of dread, that I had only previously read a very small contingent of Mr. Moore's works, and even worse that there was a lot of material I hadn't even HEARD of. This is to be a very long, very daunting task, but with any luck it'll bring me to a better understanding of the medium, as well as its pagan king. Keep an eye out for Marvelman book I to start things off soon enough, and feel free to read along and give your own comments.

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