Sunday, April 27, 2014

NPM 2014: Olena Kalytiak Davis

And with a quick, lovely work we end this year's National Poetry Month with a work by Ukranian-American Olena Kalytiak Davis, "Corruption" which according to the author herself is about the pressures of Spring in general and National Poetry Month in specifics. Enjoy the work and have a lovely rest of the month, and hopefully look forward to some More Moore soon.

The dark wood after the dark wood: the cold 
after cold in April's false November.
In that second worser place: more gone, less there,
but in that lurid present present, cast and held, 

rooted, kept, like some old false-berried yew. 
Just against; the door leading to preferment 
shut; no longer believing in still, by some, few
means, method, could be, but for the bad day set, 

left, leaning atop bad day. 
       Out- and un-

ranked, toothached, wronged— rankled corruptive thing!
Ill-wishing, in-iquitous, clipped, up-hoped, stripped: just plain: thin.
Dare thy commit: commit this final fatal sin: 
God my God, I am displeased by spring.

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